We provide a complete range of QA services.
From functionality and compatibility to performance and security, we make sure that your software systems run smoothly and flawlessly.

Building top-class software products and services requires constant evaluation on how they meet users’ needs and requirements.

Our QA teams provide software testing and software quality assurance services for projects developed by our teams, or external projects built by other companies.

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We provide a full range of services, starting from the requirements gathering stage and continuing through the implementation, testing and maintenance of your solutions.

Our services

Functional testing

Functional tests verify that each component of the system operates in accordance with functional specification. Our QA engineers excel in understanding your business rules with minimal amount of hand-holding and management. They can develop test plans and perform manual or automated tests.

Security testing

Security testing identifies and eliminates vulnerabilities contained within your application or accompanying infrastructure, protects end users from the theft and loss of sensitive data and helps you to mitigate risks and comply with regulatory requirements.

Performance testing

Performance testing helps to determine how your software system behaves under heavy loads. We can offer in-depth testing of scalability and resource utilization of your solutions.

Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing ensures that your product runs across different browsers, operating systems, networks, hardware and mobile devices while maintaining expected performance and behavior.

Usability testing

Usability testing relies on interaction with real users to determine if and where they encounter problems or confusion. We test UI flows, consistency, appearance and more.

Localization testing

Localization testing focuses on how your software works in its localized variants. We can test language, characters, layouts and information flow and examine the behavior of the product adjusted for a particular locale or culture.

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